About RDT
Race Dyno Tuning provides Dyno-Proven high performance mapping for all new makes and models of premium brand race and road cars. Including BMW F series & G series, Porsche 991, Porsche 992, Mercedes E63, McLaren 720S and many more.
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About RDT

Race Dyno Tuning


Race Dyno Tuning provides specialist engine calibration services for road and race cars.

We sell PROVEN-POWER and have all the equipment & experience to transform your car

We are working hard to add a Car-Selector to the site from our files…

In the mean time call RDT to find-out what we can do for you

Call us 01302 215337


With maps professionally developed on the dyno for all the latest road cars, we improve the efficiency of your engine while increasing power output, torque safely.


We sell “PROVEN-POWER” and have all the equipment to offer this service professionally

As a performance centre it is essential that we use the best equipment available to produce quality remaps. That’s why our DYNO of choice is a DYNAPACK hub dyno system


Road Car Mapping

Professionally Developed Remaps to transform your road cars

Prestige Vehicle Mapping

Some examples include: Mercedes, Porsche, BMW and many more

Super-Car Mapping

A small range of perfectly formed calibrations for modern supercars

Aftermarket Engine Controller Mapping Services

Years of experience calibrating aftermarket engine controllers, for Race & Road cars

Race-Car associated engine systems consultation services

Are all systems fit for purpose?..
RDT has years of experience ensuring clients race cars give maximum performance consistently.

Product Evaluations & Dyno Services

Using an advanced chassis Hub-Dyno system that eliminates many variables while giving unrivalled repeat-ability